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Malwina Mango from Idzik House 

My background starts in MSc Physiotherapist validated by HCPC & accredited by Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

My wisdom, skills and experience are dedicted to Woman and Baby's from Premature to age of 5 years old


Doula. Guiding  pregnant woman and her partner in preparation for labor.

Comforting knowledge, professional touch together with variety of Technics and methods can help alleviate physical and emotional state during labor and after.


Methods I combine in my practice: 

Cranio Sacral Therapy

NDT Bobath Method

PNF Method ( Proprioceptive neuro facilitation)

Rebozo Technics for :

Pregnancy, Labour and beyond

Natural Baby Handling 

Therapy with/on horses

Delacato Method - sensory integration

Menstrual Cycle Wisdom Teacher

Elements of Sensory Integration SI 

+hypnobirthing elements

+birth is plesure

and more ...


Be the Sweet wave  of Joy    

and the  Flower which  Bloom's   through SelfLove

Our Services


Malwina is great and easygoing person who can adjust to needs that ARE present. My Body changed from a rock to mushmellow in just one hour. Before she left I booked next session and her doula service



Malwina is our private physiotherapist over 6 years. Her outstanding way of addressing therapy according to children needs is priceless. I couldnt wish for more. She is brilliant 


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Menstrual cycle was a mistery and i never knew that there is more to it. I was lost and hopeless in Menopose. Malwina shared her deep wisdom with me. She gave me back Hope and Power.

Im aligned with my body like never before. Dont wait, just ask her question. 


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medytacja pełnii łona

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